Is It Healthier to Skip Breakfast or Just Eat a Doughnut?

No matter how much you may want to make healthy choices, it can feel like there simply isn’t time. When running out the door, it’s easier to grab a pre-packaged granola bar than whip up a veggie scramble. And when faced with the decision to work an extra hour or head to yoga, it can be tough to convince yourself to get up and break that productivity stride. Check out the latest Exipure reviews.

But what if we told you it’s actually possible to be both the busiest and the healthiest version of yourself? It’s always easier said than done, but the impact a few changes can have on your mind and body is totally worth it.

Our advice: Start small and build from there. And if some of these tips aren’t for you, ignore ‘em! With 35 ways to squeeze healthier choices into that jam-packed schedule, we’re sure at least a few tips will stick—and all of them will help.


1. Befriend the microwave.

Microwave meals may conjure up images of frozen vegetables and scary-looking meat, but the tool does way more than heat TV dinners. Make a one-minute quiche in a mug, cinnamon breakfast quinoa, or even a flaky salmon dinner. No complicated, time-consuming prep work necessary!

2. Make three-ingredient meals.

Peanut butter and jelly on whole-wheat bread is an obvious choice here, but there’s an entire world of easy and delicious combinations out there. Take stuffed sweet potatoes, pancakes, and chili, for example. Minimal grocery shopping and preparation, maximum flavor. Plus these meals can be super healthy too.

3. Fill up on iron.

Not eating enough iron can cause fatigue and even depression. Keep energy high by chowing down on oatmeal, lentils, and lean meats. Bonus: Iron boosts muscle strength, making it that much easier to get through the workday and your workout. Visit exipure healthy benefits.

4. Turn to soups and stews.

Besides being one of the healthiest comfort foods out there (sorry, mac and cheese!), soups are a great way to save time and money. Make a large batch at the beginning of the week, freeze leftovers in single-serving Tupperware, and thaw as needed. And don’t worry about getting bored—healthy soup recipe options are endless!

5. Prep on the weekend for seamless weeknight meals.

Sure, salads are simple enough to put together. Chop veggies, sauté some protein, toss with some dressing, and viola! But in reality, all that chopping, cooking, and mixing can take serious time. Spare yourself the salad agony by loading up on veggies, chopping them all and storing in the fridge, pre-cooking protein and grains (we love quinoa), and making a large portion of dressing to use all week. Assembling will take five minutes tops.

6. Prepare pre-packaged smoothie bags.

Smoothies are a great way to fill up on tons of nutrients with minimal effort. To make things even easier, add berries, spinach, protein powder, and other non-liquid fixings to a Ziploc so when you’re ready to puree, all you have to do is dump the ingredients in the blender. If you’re making smoothies all week, keep bags of pre-sliced frozen produce in the freezer.